Boston Marathon Winners 2012

fine okay okay, I have to admit I only made one packet of coffee pot oatmeal so I could get another Starbucks egg white and feta wrap when I made an iced coffee run.

Ice coffee part I
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I dropped Ben off at his meeting and headed back to the hotel room to work on some blog stuff. I also had a very exciting call about a new project I’ll be doing with one of my favorite companies (hint: I’m not the head of the Chickpea Lover’s Club for nothing).

Around twelve noon I was about to get kicked out of the hotel so I grabbed my stuff and went to get lunch.

Last time we checked out Healdsburg I ate lunch at big John’s supermarket. They have a respectable salad / hot food bar, but it’s expensive (50 cents a lot more than WF!). So, I grabbed a bag of coleslaw so I wouldn’t waste any weight with veggies and made a tray of goodies.

Then, I topped it with the coleslaw and shook it up!

And I’m incredibly busted because I identified this cookie and had to have it. First, it’s a local company and second the ingredients were excellent and I want to try and make this at home!

It’s really BIG! JustlikeIlikeit.

It’s really thick and the outside was crunchy / crusty, but the inside was chewy. It didn’t taste healthy either. nagyon tetszett.

Then, I had to serve a penance for my cookie sin and I took a 2 mile walk around downtown Healdsburg.

I walked from the store to the downtown Bakery & Creamery to get Ben a treat. The last time we checked out he had an fantastic almond tart.

There’s no chocolate in this treat, so I’ll pass…

And considering that I was in the area and all, I figured it was only ideal to get an iced coffee from The flying Goat.

Now I’m blogging en route to the airport. It looks like we’re going to miss our flight (!#!@!!). Feszültség. Hopefully, we’ll be able to catch the last flight back home tonight because I have a busy day tomorrow.

It’s Marathon Monday!!!

Wesley Korir won the Boston Marathon for the men (2:12:40) and Sharon Cherop won the women’s race in 2:31:50.

It’s crazy how hot it was for the Boston Marathon runners today – over 80 degrees! In extreme weather conditions you must make sure and adjust your goals. The winning times this year were substantially slower than in previous years. Lát? even the pros slow it down on days like this!

The winners each get $150,000 so I’ve made a decision to apply for a job as the winner of the Boston Marathon for next year. Can I put you down as a reference? Kösz.

A hírekben:

Boston Herald: Can the marathon be run in under 2 hours?

Washington Post: Inexperienced runners encouraged not to run Boston because of the heat. The Boston athletic association even said they would defer entry until next year for people – that’s severe stuff.

LA Times: Winners of the Boston Marathon!

Question: would you not run after all that training?

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