I Don’t trust You

So, I tried a new yoga studio this morning…

It’s super close to my home as well as there was a class at the precise exact same time as my preferred (but far) place. part of my complaint with yoga is that the classes are 1.5 hours – plus I requirement 26+ minutes to drive there. So, I reluctantly decided to try this new location out. (The classes are still 1.5 hours, however it only takes 3 minutes to drive there.)
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The class was listed at a level 1-2. I’m back to level 1 at my fave studio, however it was the only choice so I figured I spend a long time in child’s present when I needed.

Well, it was a bust.

First, I online in a extremely unique area of Orange region that is basically a retirement community. 80% of the women that come to my fitness center are an older set. The few younger clients are assigned to me so I get to work with women my age, so I don’t truly feel it most of the time. (In this class one of the women asked if the lights might be turned off since it reminded her of cataract surgery.)

Anyways, there were no sun salutations as well as just random “do this pose”. Then, we’d be corrected as well as do it again.

It was tiring as well as didn’t feel like a great stretch or workout or anything. I thought about leaving, however believed I should provide a genuine shot.

At one point the trainer had us do head stands up against the wall. I’m tight as well as haven’t done a head stand in years so I wasn’t going to do it. She came to assist me as well as I announced, “I don’t trust you.” Luckily, she didn’t push me further since I wouldn’t have caved.

Mit? She is a total complete stranger to me as well as I haven’t done that move in a long time. Don’t judge.

Long story long, I still requirement to go to yoga (or get a drink).

After class I hit up Costco for $100 worth of veggies. Ben is on a nice bit objective to lose weight (completely self imposed as well as we’ll discuss later). So, I’m making salads for dinner per his request.

I ate wonderful peppers on the method home.

Today I’m utilizing hummus as well as ketchup as dressing. I paired this with a ww wrap as well as some ham.

I don’t understand why, however bananas are 99 cents each pack at Costco. Naturally, I stocked up. I had one with PB for dessert.

I assumption banana soft serve is on the menu all week. Pontszám!!!

Question: would you let a total complete stranger assist you stand on your head?

I may let Ben assist me, however that’s about it.

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