John Wayne flight terminal to Sarasota Red Eye

hello from Florida!

It was a extremely long (and rough) red eye. Our seats wouldn’t recline, there was turbulence as well as I irritated my back trying to sleep with my head on Ben’s lap (I likewise most likely started some rumors).
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We left a extremely empty Orange region flight terminal last night at 9:30pm as well as shown up at Atlanta around 4:45am. Then, we have a 4 hour layover. I tried to sleep, however it was pointless. So I tossed as well as turned on a bench for a while up until I decided to check out the airport. Luckily, it’s a huge one!

Ben as well as I split an egg sandwich as well as poultry sandwich from Chik Fil A – I have never had breakfast there before!

Those biscuits were additional buttery as well as amazing. Merry Christmas to Monica.

I likewise hit up Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee. Reunited with my very first coffee like <3 You should spend Christmas with the drinks you love, no? I took a nap on our flight into Sarasota since sleep is not a perk – it’s a necessity! 1 Red Eye + Christmas Eve = 2 DD iced coffees. I likewise bought one blueberry cake munchkin. I wished to try this flavor, however didn’t want to overdo it since I understand there is a great deal of junk in my future. Well, the woman behind me heard my “one munchkin” order as well as stated she applauds my self control. Little does she understand Ben’s mom had 6 lots chocolate chip cookies waiting on me. Plus, she made a separate tupperware full of them for us to keep in the bedroom. She doesn’t mess around. And, when it comes to cookies – neither to do I. It’s okay, this is all part of my plan to my make new Year’s Resolution more impressive – “Find a method to roll myself off the couch as well as dust the crumbs from my belly” is much better than “Lose 10 pounds”. By the time we got to Ben’s parents home it was 1pm as well as I was HUNGRY. I made together a hot mess of food as well as dug in. Smell that? It’s two big loaves of Cranberry Bread fresh out of the oven. Merry Christmas to me again! I hope Santa brings me some lenience from the scale… Hope you’re day is tasty as well as fun as well as full of love! ​ ​ SEND ME THE WORKBOOK Megment A megosztás törődés! Ossza meg Csipog Pin Ossza meg Posta Ossza meg keep going with these: Running on Marco Island Florida 2021 Running on Marco Island Florida 2021 Where to Run on Marco Island Florida. Running tips for traveling as well as summertime beach Trips. Florida Run blog and packing for the Run Disney wine & Dine half Marathon Race Weekend packing for the Run Disney wine & Dine half Marathon Race Weekend packing for the Run Disney wine as well as Dine half Marathon Race Weekend. Amit csomagolok a 13,1 mérföldes verseny futtatásához Today's Costco Haul Today's Costco Haul Running blog Costco grocery Haul. Run eat Repeat Instagram Reels Costco must Haves healthy favorites as well as best My Christmas desire listing 2021 My Christmas desire listing 2021 My holiday desire listing with links to what's on sale Cyber Monday. Runner gift concepts for 2021 Christmas seasonUtazási Jane értékelés a futók számára Utazási Jane értékelés a futók számára Utazási Jane értékelés a futók számára. Kipróbáltam, és megosztom a tippeket! Egyszerűen használható hordozható piszkos táska, amely eldobható. Fürdőszoba Coca-Cola kávé áttekintéssel Coca-Cola kávé áttekintéssel Coke Zero jeges kávé áttekintése. Coca-Cola kávé sötét keverék nulla cukor, valamint a vanila nulla cukor próbálkozás a legelső Tim számára ⚡ Shareaholic által -

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